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Kara Eid
COO & Brand Manager

Kara Eid, serving as both Brand Manager and COO, brings over a decade of experience to her roles, driving brand growth and operational efficiency with her strategic prowess. Hailing from Rocket Mortgage, where she ranked in the top 10% of bankers in performance, Kara's expertise in marketing and operations is unmatched. With honors in Marketing and Business Administration, she's led teams to develop impactful branding strategies, setting industry standards and leveraging new technologies to streamline operations and elevate brand identity.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Kara's entrepreneurial spirit shines. She's successfully scaled a digital agency by 1000% in three years and worked with brands ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, her tenure at Rocket Mortgage highlights her exceptional performance and dedication to excellence.

Moreover, Kara is not just a corporate leader but a distinguished real estate investor and award-winning photographer, showcasing her multifaceted talents and passion for excellence. Her influence extends beyond the boardroom as an active mentor and advocate for workplace diversity and inclusion. Engaging in charitable initiatives, Kara's dedication, expertise, and entrepreneurial drive continue to inspire her peers and the broader business community alike.

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